The Shakers take over McGann’s Irish Pub

The Shakers, The Few, Dave Crespo's After Party, and Nicole Alexandra at McGann's Irish PubThe world has turned, and left us here. And, whaddyaknow it brought us right back to our home away from home: McGann’s Irish Pub for yet another night of our favorite local musicians showing you exactly why Boston has some of the best indie-acts in the mainland.

Here’s the skinny:
Doors: 8:30
Age Restriction: 21+
Cover: $10 at the door, $5 in advance at the Full Scene Ahead Store
Location: McGann’s Irish Pub 197 Portland St  Boston, MA 02114

The line-up:

Nicole Alexandra:

“Dark Moon” – Nicole Alexandra

Nicole AlexandraThis incomparable singer-songwriter creates tunes with an acute pop sensibility and a profound R&B undercurrent. With a powerful, commanding voice that’ll make you do a double-take the moment you hear her sing, Nicole and her fabulous band will take you on a majestic journey of self-discovery, valor, and enlightenment.


“Backseat Gypsy” – Skunkmello

SkunkmelloA folk/blues/surf rock band with fully realized songs that bring out the true character of their unique sound.  With roots firmly rooted in blues, Skunkmello breathes a fiery anthemic quintessence into their songs while remaining charmingly unassuming and unpretentious. Guitar riffs spelunk and emote with mesmerizing zeal, and the vocals and lyrics mesh with them like chocolate does to peanut butter. Listening advice: play loud– this is one band that deserves it.

The Few:

“Smokescreen” – The Few

The FewPipes that make you go “whoa” and juicy riffs and power chords that will pull you forward by the collar and force you to dance with them. Evoking a classic rock sensibility with timeless hooks, this band is accessible to anyone with two ears, an ass, and a soul.

Dave Crespo’s After Party

“Troubadour” – Dave Crespo’s After Party

DCAPThis party never stops, and when you hear this affable ensemble come together on stage, you’re going to be glad it never does. A perpetual stream of power-pop goodness, the experience they offer is impossible to resist. With a repertoire of pop-punk compositions made with tight craftsmanship, Dave Crespo’s After Party will keep you living in the moment until the sun comes up the next day.

The Shakers

“Villian” – The Shakers

The ShakersVisceral funky-rock/pop with incredible vocals and energy. With a “we-just-can’t help ourselves” sort of vigor to them, The Shakers create powerful, soul-encompassing sound-scapes that just can’t be “shaken” off.  They come with an abundance of hooks, emotion, and technical skill that’ll leave you dazed and always wanting more.

Thank you to McGann’s, the above mentioned performers, and all of our wonderful supporters for continuing to make Full Scene Ahead a realty in the Boston music scene.

We appreciate everyone’s patronage.

Take care,


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