Sinnet “Year of the Whale” ALBUM REVIEW

Sinnet Year of the Whale CoverWhen Sinett’s new release “Year of the Whale” came across my desk I did what I do with every other recording kicked over for a review. Press “repeat all” and hunker down for a double fisting of commuter hours. This may sound like some kind of self imposed torture, it isn’t, I promise, there’s a method to my madness.

I like to put a recording to the test. Great bands have the ability to capture a performance that engages the listener, opening a window into aspects of their creative process. These bands can work as a unit inducing a reaction, giving fans a “space” to feel, and dance and be sexy. Effectively sending an invitation to “get lost in the music”. We all know what it feels like to hear THAT SONG. Eyes open or closed, at work or on the edge of sleep, it doesn’t matter, your heart skips a beat and your throat tightens with the urge to sing along.

Sinnet Band PhotoSinnet’s sophomore effort “Year of the Whale” has flashes of that brilliance. Take for instance the rising musical action of “Nitetime Creepy Crawlies”.

I couldn’t tell you what happens in the first minute and 45 seconds. It doesn’t matter, because as soon as the chorus hits I’m singing along regardless. The intro into the chorus is simple but clever as shit walking into a hook that WILL NOT VACATE. Those glimpses of first rate song writing, their ability to bait a hook kept me listening over and over again for those Easter Eggs laid by genius

The dark horse, and my favorite song on the EP from a production perspective is “Searching for Spectors”.


1. Clap Track. Nuff said.
2. Tight ass drum track: tightest on the recording by far, Michael Bryan Stuart is a fucking beast.
3. Best use of background vocals on the ep. It sounds like folks were tossed in a room to sing, and they USED that room sound. In my humble opinion it’s a sound that suits Sinnet well.

Sinnet Year of the Whale Cover “Year of the Whale” is a solid second effort from a band working into a unique sound, and it deserves a listen if you’re looking for new Boston local music. I hope to see more from Sinnet in the very  near future, preferably something live or acoustic to REALLY showcase the songwriting capabilities of their creative team. These cats may not have the polish of some of our fair city’s more storied acts, but with a few years of gigging and writing together they’ll be a good bet to launch into the national scene. 

-KC Hoye

You can catch Sinnet live with Mount Peru at The Plough and Stars on September 6th and start forming your own opinions about this up and coming Boston band.

The Plough and Stars
912 Massachusetts Ave,
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sinnet Show Poster Friday

“Sinnet is the musical universe created by one Mr. Aaron J. Spransy, former Midwesterner turned East Coaster. Starting as a bedroom project during less employed days, Sinnet has since grown into a living, breathing, spooky-pants rock team thanks to the handsome hands of Marlo Pedroso and Joel Reader.
In 2012 Sinnet released it’s debut ep ‘Midwest Manners’ to warm national praise. Followed by a summer tour of the midwest/east coast Sinnet. Most recently the boys hit the studio with bud Matthew A. Girard. A new release (mastered by TW Walsh) will be appearing Summer 2013.
Featuring members of The Fatal Flaw (Mr. T Experience, The Avengers), Those Royals, and The Blessed Unrest.
The name Sinnet is a tribute to the memory of Aaron’s dear mother Mary Spransy and a long line of Toyota Camrys that bore the SINNET license plate.”

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