Faces in the Floor

I have been patiently waiting for December 20th, because Face’s In The Floor is going to have one hell of a EP release party.

Faces in the Floor, band, rock, alice in chains, indie rock, The line up is Amazing! Face’s In The Floor, Bion, Matalon, and Big Bad Bobby, and it’s all going down at Club Bohemia. Another awesome benefit of FSA promoting this show is that my good friend Mike Gordan of Electric Lighthouse Recordings is the one who recorded their EP. Guess who got the tracks early!

Over the past few years I have gotten to know, and become good friends with the boy’s of Face’s In The Floor. I first met them when my band Strangers With Knives got thrown on a bill last minute for a show at the Rosebud. Oh the Rosebud how we all miss you. It was a crazy show, and I was instantly mesmerized when I saw Eddie shredding the hell out of his guitar.

Not only was their guitarist amazing, but the whole band was ridiculously great! You have Jason who is a Monster on the drums, Dan who is crazy on bass, like a chained up pitbull trying to get off the stage, and front man Chris who reminds me so much of Layne Staley of Alice in Chains it’s uncanny.

The guy’s from Face’s In The Floor, are also about the Scene here in Boston. They were the first band to appear on my radio show Cause A Scene. Chris, and Eddie both have been on the show a few times, promoting Face’s and Also their side project Ninjavitis. We will get talking about Ninjavitis at a later date. This is all about Face’s in the Floor.

Mike Gordan sent me 3 Tracks, “Self Worth” “Self Loathing”, and “Self Control”. All great tunes, and I’m seeing a pattern here. Electric Lighthouse Recordings, and the boys of Face’s In The Floor really put out a great EP, so do yourself a favor, and get down to Club Bohemia on Dec. 20th and hear it for yourself!

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