Boston Music Awards 2013

Mellow Bravo Boston Music Awards WAAF Broadcast

Mellow Bravo and Carm of Bay State Rock at the Boston Music Awards

On Sunday December 8th I attended the Boston Music Awards to be a part of WAAF’s broadcast of Bay State Rock. As the legendary scene queen, Carmelita’s new co-host I have been excited about this for a while. It really proved to be a dream come true.

The Boston Music Awards are an event that every musician and fan of local music keeps an eye on in this city. Whether you love them or are firmly against the BMA’s you will at least acknowledge their existence and weight. I mean, what Boston local musician wouldn’t want a piece of hardware from the BMA’s? Respond in the comment’s section…

When I walked into the Liberty Hotel for my third ever BMA’s appearance I felt like I had been the 65th pick into March Madness. I feel this way every time I’m in Austin for SXSW. Events like these bring a community together regardless of their relevancy or importance. Anytime that is the case it is a great event.

I hear you, yeh, The Bosstones and The Murphy’s shouldn’t be up for awards on a yearly basis.  But, we also shouldn’t have to watch ads on youtube. And, we shouldn’t have to wait for the T so long. And, live music should always be free… but, you know what? It is what it is.

Moe Pope Rain Boston Music Awards WAAF Broadcast

Moe Pope and Rain on WAAF

The Boston Music Awards are a time and beautiful place for Boston’s music community to celebrate how official we are. If you haven’t checked out this event understand that it feels like a MTV VMA’s, but without the bullshit main stage. That’s right, no Axel Rose ruining his own band. Instead, bands play in intimate settings to crowds similar to the clubs they play in all year… Just, they are inside the luxurious Liberty Hotel.

I showed up at The BMA’s a little after 8 PM to a party that had already started. I saw bands like Pretty and Nice and Bearstronaut before hanging out with local celebrities on Bay State Rock’s broadcast of the BMA’s on WAAF. Here are some pictures of how the night went down for me and my lovely date, my wife, Kristina.


All in all, it was an amazing night. Yeah, I think OC45 should have been nominated and won best punk band. And, I’m positive that the song of the year isn’t by The Field Effect, but rather by Banjoshi. But, whatever, I’m entitled to my opinion. On that note, it is to my opinion that The BMA’s represent this strong scene… and, it’s for a great cause. I hope to see some of you next year down there causing some malarkey with Kristina and I.

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  1. OC45 absolutely deserves punk band of the year. Yes.

  2. Thanks for sharing my Barrence video :)!


  4. Totally true about OC45. Also, if there was an award for loudest band in Boston, they’d be pretty unstoppable for that.

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