Bluesy Folk For Life; Dave Austin & The Sound: ARTIST SPOTLIGHT

Dave Austin and the SOundI believe there are three things that can survive a nuclear holocaust. The first is of course cockroaches and the other two are the musical genres of blues and folk.

Ah yes, the blues. Ah yes, folk! Those ol’ American styles of music that invoke spirituality, wearisome drudgery, and personal fortitude; two modus operandi so effectual that both have remained cornerstones of most major music scenes for almost a century now.

Like some sort of magical pomegranate, these genres continue to provide rich juices to those who are willing and able to extract from them. So when an ensemble like Dave Austin & The Sound comes along with such a lush blues and folk swagger to them – churning out excellent tune after excellent tune – you wonder why there aren’t loads more just like them. They make it seem so simple.

Eponymous Boston-metro native Dave Austin leads this quintet of talented drolleries who breathe in modern-day life into the classic blues/folk modes. Timeless songs like “Sugar Mamma” and “Love Me Like You Do Your Pills” are contemporary invigorating and refreshing, and would have fit in just fine during any of the last eight decades. Meanwhile, tunes like “If We’re Through” venture somewhat into the present-day adult alternative/pop camp, though all the while retaining an enduring folk spirit.

Much reminiscent of Old Crow Medicine Show, Dave Austin & The Sound carve a niche for themselves based firmly in an old-school style of refined musicianship without ever coming off as gimmicky or hackneyed. Rather, they come off like the true artists they are — floating along the sacred life streams of blues and folk that seem to choose their purveyors before their purveyors can chose them. More simply put: they’re musicians that make great music.

Full Scene Ahead is proud to shine the spotlight on Dave Austin & The Sound. Check out more about them (and listen to their stuff!) right here.

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